9/10 Album Review by Bucketlist

Big thanks to Syd at Bucketlist Music Reviews for this piece!

20171023_144437.jpg“Lara Antebi is an impressive woman. On her debut full-length release Skin Collection, the Montreal native is credited with playing no less than five different instruments including singing, keyboard, guitar, saxophone and melodium (that’s how she spells it, so that’s how I’m spelling it). She is also credited with recording, producing and mixing, and she even drew the freaking album art. It’s a mouse trapped underneath a pair of glasses. It’s cute, but also kind of sad, just like a lot of the songs on the record. Most of them work very well, with a focus on strong singular vocal melodies and a style that hops back and forth between country, jazz and pop”

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‘Skin Collection’ now available!

I am pleased to announce the official release of my first full-length album ‘Skin Collection‘. It was quite an adventure to create, and I am so grateful to the people who have been so supportive throughout the process. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate at the album launch at La Vitrola, we truly had a blast! Without further ado…

cropped-youtubeOUTNOW-e1501277307154.jpgDownload/stream the album it here:


Also, there are some screen-printed t-shirtsstickers and some physical CDs that you can order from Bandcamp, or by placing an order directly.


‘Jeanie’ Official Music Video

“Jeanie” music video is now up – only 2 weeks till the whole album is out! This was fun to make, hope you enjoy it too.

Special thanks to guest star Fred Leber for sitting in a tub of vegetables and spices, Les Ismore for the sweet moves, pyro-tech Jonathan Antebi, second camera Sari Wieskopf, and to CUTV for your space and support!