Snow Gnome (2016)

Snow Gnome EP

1. Digeridoo It

She pays attention to the gridwork in the sky
It indicates we’re near
And then she’ll learn to sing the termite lullaby
Whispered in her ear

But there are creatures in the woods and shoulds and coulds and didn’t
matter cause we did it anyways

Digeree really do it
Digeridoo it right before her eyes were the color of maple
and wide as the April moon
Digeree really do it
Digeridoo it right before her eyes were the color of maple
and bright as the April moon

There’s magic in her eyes, in everything she sees
In all that she holds dear
We’ll read the secrets written in the rings of trees
The answers there are clear


She hums the poetry with voices of the past
Traveling the years
The wood is sturdy but you know it never lasts
There’s nothing to fear


2. Queen Be

She likes to watch the ants march in a row
Feeding them jellybeans
Wondering how all the others know
To take orders from the queen
Imaginate yourself on a clementine
There’s nothing in the world as carefree as a drunken ant on mulberry wine

Brigitte, queen of the anthill, where could she be
Brigitte, queen of the beehive bureaucracy
Oh she would run for her honey
To be an ant, to be a bee

She likes to watch the bees so refined
Busily come and go
She asked them to pollinate her mind
But they stung her with a no
Imaginate yourself on an apple tree
There’s nothing in the world as careful as the footwork of a bumblebee


Her paper wings could never compete
Cause real queens don’t pretend
The nectar of power is just as sweet
As enemy or as friend
Imaginate yourself on a yellow rose
There’s nothing in the world as careless as when she turned on the gardening hose


3. Cold Feet

Molly was a wandering one, kept her lovers till she’s done
Breaking hearts she doesn’t care
Every month’s her moving day, get too close you’ll overstay
Why settle when there’s so much more

Her cold feet getting colder
and Molly’s getting bolder
Keep it quick and keep it short
Before it gets too sweet

While her lover sleeps at home, Molly sneaks out all alone
Spreading her lipstick smile
Then one night, forty below, she got locked out in the snow
Leaving her frostbitten toes


Molly, keep on looking you’ll find it
One more whiskey, one more alibi
Cause cold feet doesn’t mean there’s a warm heart
Just make a fresh start, and you’ll feel complete


4. Universe Inside

Hey don’t worry it’s ok the other kids don’t wanna play
It’s just they don’t quite see things how you do -ooh
Why worry about monkey bars when in your head we fly with stars
And travel through the cosmos me and you

You don’t need ‘em, little one
Got a universe deep inside yourself
You don’t need ‘em, little one
You got me, and you don’t need anyone else

They called you kid with cloudy eyes, and then they found to their surprise
The doctor said there’s one thing they can do -ooh
But they could never comprehend the way that you and I are friends
And how I will be always there with you


Am I in your head, or am I the truest thing you’ve got
Does it really matter what is real and what is not
We can be whatever we want to be, create reality
With the infinite reaches of your mind


Remember running in the sky, it’s far too soon to say goodbye
There’s nothing wrong with sometimes feeling blue -ooh
But don’t listen to mom and dad, those pills will only make you sad
Cause you’ll miss me and I will miss you too


5. Hold On

When the fires went dim, only the sea saw him
Wiping away all of his puppeteers
He can hold a tune on his silver spoon
As he is wading through the years

And when you think that your life is on the line
Singing out of tune and out of time, out of time

Hold on to what you’ve got, when humanity is shot
In the name of who -ooh
Hold on to what you know, cause their history won’t show
What you know is true -ooh

When the water’s dry, he knows it’s time to die
He’s selling seashells on the battlefield
But though his ears are ringing, he is still singing
The melody will be his shield


The shattered looking-glass prefers to see the past
With tinted windows of a submarine
But now his voice is sore, his heart can take no more
His ears are rattled by the guillotine


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